Business - Upstream

Kaysar Invest Oil is an oil producing company registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan and engaged into development of oil fields and exploration blocks in the South Turgai basin: Kumkol (south-east part), South Kumkol, East Kumkol, North Nuraly, Aryskum, Kyzylkia, North- West Kyzylkia, Maybulak, South-West Karabulak.

For the purpose of fields and associated infrastructure development Kaysar Invest Oil has carried out a number of major projects, including construction of collector systems to gather well production, infield motor roads, systems for water injection into reservoirs for the purpose of reservoir pressure maintenance, oil storage tanks , gas turbine units to provide own needs on power energy, as well as drilling and construction of wells.

In 2007 "Kaysar Invest Oil" constructed a 10 inch gas pipeline Kyzylkiya-Aryskum, put into operation an oil gathering system at Aryskum and Kyzylkiya fields, modified the reservoir pressure maintenance system at Kumkol field and also expanded the field camp at Aryskum field to provide accommodation to 200 additional people. In 2016 gas utilization facilities were commissioned at Kumkol, Aryskum, Kyzylkiya and Maibulak fields: the works related to the gas re-injection at Kumkol field, the gas transportation system from Kyzylkiya to Aryskum field and the gas injection system at Aryskum field were completed. All construction and installation works were also fully completed under the gas utilization project at Maibulak field. On five sites of the gas gathering system at Kumkol field the construction, installation and pre-commissioning operations were completed at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, 2009.

Within the frameworks of the gas utilization program Kaysar Invest Oil invested more than 143 mln USD into its implementation in years 2004-2010. The Company was among the pioneers that started to develop and implement the gas utilization program in Kazakhstan.

Investments made in the associated gas utilization project:

- Construction of a gas turbine plant at Kumkol

- Associated gas utilization facilities at KAM fields (Kyzylkiya, Aryskum, Maybulak)

- Associated gas gathering and utilization facilities at Kumkol