Export - Domestic Supply

Transportation by Railways between Kazakhstan - China and its extensions to other destination has established the most secure way to deliver oil products. The reduction in cost of delivery of oil products by railways is the most attractive way compatible for customers. For a timely execution of the oil product orders we choose the best route and the right logistics network suitable for each of our customers.

We provide railway transportation from any part of Kazakhstan to any major international destination. With full guarantee and full control of products during the clearance and delivery of oil product, offering all types and sizes of railway tanks. Our company offers multi-modal delivery which involves the delivery of oil products by railways and maritime transportation.

The international transportation range of services are:

- Executing and calculating the best logistic scheme for oil products delivery, international borders crossing and customs points;

- Providing the proper parameters of the railway tanks;

- Documentation and Certification;

- Consultation with customs broker and coordination with customs clearance;

- On time reception and information on the completion of the railway delivery of oil products;

- Sea port storage facilities and services

- Insurance oil products