About Us - Kaysar Invest oil Establishment

Kaysar Invest Oil  is an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Central Asia and the Caspian Region with projects in Kazakhstan. Kaysar Invest Oil has a portfolio of assets including existing oil and gas production. Kaysar Invest Oil is a public company with its listing on the Stock Exchange globally for oil and gas companies.

In Kazakhstan, Kaysar Invest Oil is operating together with all his wholly owned subsidiaries, under four contracts in the North Ustyurt basin to the west of the Aral Sea adjacent to the prolific Pre-Caspian basin. It has a 100% working interest in the Kyzyloi Production Contract (542 sq. km), Akkulka Exploration License and Contract (625 sq. km), Akkulka Production Contract (298 sq. km) and Kul-Bas Exploration and Production Contract (4,6328 sq. km).

Kaysar Invest Oil major oil field is  derives from the Tethys Ocean, which covered Central Asia and surrounding areas some 250 million years ago. Many of the rocks, which were deposited in this ocean, now contain some of the world’s largest oil and gas fields in Central Asia – Kaysar Invest Oil’s focus area. Once the Tethys Ocean closed, it created the mountain chains of the Himalayas to the Alps. Today the only parts remaining of the Tethys Ocean are the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The Tethys Ocean was named after the mythical Greek goddess Tethys, a Titaness and sea goddess who had 3,000 children, being mother of the chief rivers of the world.